Sunday, 31 May 2015

Travel : Insel Mainau and Konstanz

Yesterday we went to Insel Mainau(Mainau island of flowers) and Lake Constance for a little weekend getaway,as usual.

The flowers were no many actually,but we had fun,nevertheless.

Till then and have a nice weekend!

Insel Mainau,the floral island

A mammoth tree believed to age more than 100 years!

Main reason why we came here is because I wanted to see roses,unfortunately,the roses were still budding :(

These are poppy flowers,they grow everywhere just in the bushes!People here use their seeds to make pastries and if I'm not mistaken,poppy seeds are also used to make drug,no?

This giant purple flower that always raised my attention

Lake Constance/Konstanz

It was a warm day,indeed

My heart and soul :)

Lake Constance/Konstanz

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  1. Awhhh god..ur pictures is too awesome to handle. Love it!


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