Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Travel:Istanbul Last Part

Salam guys,

So sorry for the long due,finally the final part of Istanbul travel last month.There are 2 more places that we've visited,although there are still some more interesting places to visit,but due to time limit,we couldn't visit all.

InsyaAllah,one day we will come back to this beautiful city to explore more and more of Istanbul.

Mini Atürk

Mini Atürk is miniature exhibition park.The main attractions here are the famous and important buildings in all over Turkey.Not just that,some buildings with high Ottoman influence in other countries are also exhibited here.One way to get to this park is by bus.We took the bus from Eminonu and straight to Mini Atürk.One can also reach by boat or taxi,but not by tram.

From the entrance of Mini Atürk

One of famous cities in Turkey and is listed as one of UNESCO world heritage

Another city famous in Turkey

It was too sunny that day that we had to protect Alayna from UV ray

On the way back to Eminonu in the bus

Gülhane Park

On our last day in Istanbul,we didn't do much but to enjoy the last bits of it in a more relaxing way.We went to a park next to Topkapi Palace called Gülhane Park,and the park, like any other place in Istanbul was full with blooming tulips too.This park is also for free and many people came and picnicking there,some kids even played football and some came to us and offered to push Alayna's stroller :P

"Daun la sedap mama,Tulip buat apa"

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