Thursday, 7 May 2015

Travel : Istanbul Part 1

Finally,I have time to sit and write about my recent trip to Istanbul last month.
Well,to be honest,I just don't know how to write post this time because there are just so many pictures,and I just don't know how to choose :P

So,I guess I will write by place of interests that we've been to in order it's easier for you guys to read and make reference whenever you plan to travel to Istanbul for the first time.

We stayed in Sultanahmet area last time,and for the record,I'd say this district is so strategic to find accomodation because there are several main attractions here like Hagia Sophia,Blue Mosque,Topkapi Palace and etc,and all are within walking distance.

Hagia Sophia/Aya Sofia

A church turned into mosque during Ottoman/Uthmaniyyah Empire and lastly into a museum that remains until today.Take time to explore the museum from inside and throughout the museum,one can see many of the remaining christianity and islamic features hanging from the dome and on the walls.

The islamic feautures on the right and left and the christianity in the middle

Haghia Sophia from outside

The time when we were in Istanbul was also the peak season of the tulips.Tulips were planted everywhere in the city.

Blue Mosque

Opposite to Hagia Sophia is the Blue Mosque/Sultan Ahmed Mosque named after its blue-tiled interior.Since we stayed not far from the Blue Mosque,we could hear the azan at its loudness from this very mosque.As I'm writing this,I started to miss it a lot.

 The Dome of the mosque

 Blue Mosque at sunset

Sultanahmet district

As I mentioned above,this area is easy to access to any main attractions.There's a tram station here named Sultanahmet and here there are many varietyof restaurants and cafes,be it local turkish restaurants that most of them serve the famous kebab and its family,or any fast food cafes like McD or Burger King.

Not to forget all the souvenir shops and any mobile stalls selling street food.

 Istanbul is full of stray cute fat cats!I wanted to bring them back home!

 The famous Simit,Turkish bagel

 Outside of The Blue Mosque compound

 The souvenir shops in Sultanahmet district

Till next posts people.Take care!

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