Thursday, 18 June 2015

Travel : Attersee,Mondsee & Wolfgangsee,Austria

Salam Ramadhan guys,
How was your first day of fasting?Mine was great.We fasted for 18 hours as usual cause it's summer at the moment,and today I didn't feel like fasting because it rained the whole day and the temperature was low.

Thought that fasting while entertaining a hyperactive baby would be tiresome,but so far Alayna has been behaving very good.

Can't wait to enjoy this holy month to the fullest.

Btw,this is the last destination we went for our Germany-Austria trip in late April.After Hallstatt,we went driving around the 3 big lakes nearby called Altersee,Wolfgangsee and Mondsee.The natural turqoise-like color really fascinates me,and according to my husband,the water is so clean that one can drink it directly from the lake.

Of course Allah's creation is the best and the most beautiful one.
Till then,people.




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