Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Travel : Königssee,Bayern,Germany

Salam Guys,

Just got back from our trip back-to-back to Vienna and Budapest.Fuh!It was a very tiring trip for us this time.We used to travel longer than this time and not as tiring as this one,because little that we expected,the weather was very bright and very hot for our daily intake the whole trip!

The temperature was at least 30 degrees the whole 5 days.Not that I am not used to hot weather,but being through extreme to mild cold,and suddenly to relatively hot weather was quite a shock to me.

Anyway,this post is about our Germany-Austria trip in late April.So sorry for the long overdue.Too many things to settle yet so little time.

So,our trip that time was between Austria and Germany,and the theme was nature :P
Other than Hallstatt,we also went to Königssee,a preserved national park in south of Germany in Bayern/Bavaria.When talking about state Bayern,it's all about nature.Turqoise-like river,thick green forests,endless meadows,clear blue skies....

This trip this time was indeed better because we came here after 4 years with our beloved daughter.Hope that she will grow love in nature like her parents too :)

Till then,people.

Only electrial boats are allowed to take passenger from/to the small islands within this lake to avoid any kind of damage to the nature as this is a national park

She's always hyperactive like this :P She can't sit still for even one minute

The rockstones that can bounce an echo whenever sound is sent through the waves in the air

We witnessed a small avalanche from those mountains that day!

Arrived in St.Bartholomä

Hiked up the hill once we arrived at the starting point to go to a place to see this scenic view

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  1. dunno German is coloured by astonishing nature? hahah subject geo fail but hey u making me drooling to travel europe lg warhghhhhhhhhhhh


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