Saturday, 27 June 2015

Travel : Oberstdorf,Bayern/Bavaria,Germany

As I'm writing this,me and Alayna are now safe and sound at my parents' house.Alhamdulillah for everything,although it was quite a challenging moment to handle an active baby alone and all other challenging things all the way from Frankurt till Kota bharu.Can't wait to explore the Bazaar Ramadhan soon!

Another place that we visited during our family trip was this small town called Oberstdorf.It's such a magical small town with magical view.Just look at the pictures below.I literally was blown off by this beautiful nature that my husband had to stop the car at the side of the road just for the sake of me taking pictures.

This trip was definitely the best paid trip ever haha.No need to go to glamorous and famous shopping city,because I'd rather spend a lot of time enjoying the nature like this.

Till then people and have nice days ahead.

The element of the nature,blue skies,green meadows,a sea of wild flowers,the big thick clouds....

Sleeping is still her number 1 love :P


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