Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Travel : Breitachklamm,Germany-Austria

Last May we actually joined a family trip to another place near the boarder of Germany-Austria.As it was a fully paid trip,we joined it unhesitantly haha.

Well,this was also the time when most of my husband's familygathered, including uncles and aunties,cousins and most importantly the organizer and the payer,his grandpa.

Little that I know,there are some nice places full with nature that this small city offers.We went hiking on steep trails along the waterfall,and then we went up the almost 2000m hill by cable car and we were literally over the clouds,and lastly,we went to a small city that has a picturesque scenery.

The first destination that we went was Breitachklamm,the waterfall and trails are provided all along for hikers.It was a fun moment,although we were with a baby that somehow made the hiking a bit challenging,but we made it till the starting point again(Parking).

Enjoy the pictures peeps,till then.

Before starting our hiking,it was a wet and cold day,though

Because it rained the night before,the flow of the river was quite fast,intimidated me a bit,but it was all ok

Like in a cave

Hiking up into the forest

Can't believe that I was at this high point and then I looked down

The challenging part was here when all the roads were hilly

Finally on the flat ground again.Fuh!

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  1. mmg tegar betol hiking dgn baby bag nye yer, love seeing ur little family here babe, semoga terus bahagia hingga ke jannah amin.. :)


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