Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Travel : Salzburg,Austria

Other than Hallstatt,We also went to Salzburg,mainly to find some stuff and food.Being in Salzburg bringing back of our fond memories the first time we were here a couple of years ago.
Salzburg is not a big or any famous city,but the nature surrounding it always makes me mesmerized,and especially if one goes up the hill where the old castle is located at,one can enjoy a breathtaking view over Alps.

Not this time anyway :(
Well,till then friends.

Man on a giant globe,an art statue in the middle of the old city

A statue of Mozart whom was born in Salzburg

The Love padlocks hanging on the bridge.Do you hear that Paris city council will take down all the locks on all bridges in Paris,for example the famous Pont Des Arts because the mayor of the city doesn't like them?Well,the only reason why we walked far from one bridge to another when we were in Paris is merely because we wanted to see those love locks!

Had scrumptious dished at one of halal indian restaurant

Salzburg old city

The famous Mozart chocolate but I never bother to buy,tried once,but was not really my cup of tea

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