Thursday, 11 June 2015

Travel : Herreninsel & Fraueninsel,Chiemsee

Still about our Germany-Austria trip in late April.
Another place that we went was Chiemsee in Bayern.Chiemsee is big lake and from the boat jetty,we went to two main islands on the lake,Herreninsel(Male Island) and Fraueninsel(Female island).

Herreninsel is a lot more interesting because there is a historical unfinished castle of King Ludwig here.If you ever heard of the Neuschwanstein,the castle that became the inspiration for Disney's sleeping beauty castle,this castle on this island is the third but also unfinished castle by him.

A story accompanied the built of this castle and its king,as told by our tour guider.

After that,we had a long walk on the island just to simply enjoy the beautiful nature all along till the jetty before we were off to the next island,Fraueninsel.

Till next posts people.

Schloss Herrenchiemsee

Wild flowers scattered everywhere

At the lobby of the castle before our internal tour

Castle's park

The bored girl,kesian dia :P

This time she only had 2 teeth,and now she has 5!

"That doesn't work to entertain me papa.I'm bored!"



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