Saturday, 19 January 2013

Recipe 18:Bittersweet Tiramisu

Tiramisu is one dessert that needs less time consumption,but still tastes good.
Today,I decided to make a small square cup of Tiramisu,only for myself to indulge in during this time of month,well,you know what I mean :P

Here is the very very basic recipe of Tiramisu by me.Normally,you have to use chiffon cake,either you bake it yourself or the fastest way is just to buy the ready-made one :P
I went to local grocery shop,but didn't find any chiffon cake,and too lazy to drive a bit farther to supermarket to buy one :P.So,instead I bought Apollo Layer cake to substitute the chiffon cake,though the cake itself is a bit sugary.So,I suggest to you to find a real chiffon cake,ok?

Check out the recipe below


Chiffon cake(Cut in square shape,any size you want and must fit your container)
Coco powder for topping
Coffee(Dissolve in hot water,I used ground coffee but of course you can also use nescafe,3 in 1 coffee or any coffee you want.But,it's better not to add sugar inside the dissolved coffee to keep the bitter taste of it)
Cream cheese(Frosted,can check my carrot cake recipe here for the direction)


1.In a container(any size of container you like,big or small,no prob),place the chiffon cake to fit one layer in the container
2.Soak the cake by pouring some spoons of coffee until every inch of cake is soaked,but not too much,otherwise the cake lose its taste
3.The next layer is the cream cheese.Top the cake layer with cream cheese until it covers the cake layer underneath
4.Repeat the 1 and 2 steps,and lastly the 3rd step until reaches the surface of the container but make sure don't go over the surface.
5.Top off the most upper cream cheese layer by scattering cocoa powder.

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