Saturday, 19 January 2013

School Satchel

Today is my second German class,and so far,this language really turns my mood on the highest level ;-)
It was so fun,and especially the other people in the class were all very helpful and energetic because everyone discovers something new,including me.

Can't wait to be back next week.
The first time I wanted to buy this satchel,Ramon was very hesitant,not because he was the one to pay,but because he said I was a bit too old for a "school back".

The fact is,I feel so schooled again after I started to bring this satchel to my German class for 2nd time today in a row.It really makes me miss to start a real school all over again :P

What's your weekend plan,guys?

Top:Unbranded,bought in Kuantan(Last seen here)
Pants:Mango(Last seen here)
Satchel:Newyorker,Germany(Last seen here)
Shoes:Zara(Last seen here)
Necklace:Old,bought in Japan

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