Friday, 11 January 2013

Valentino Inspired Heels

Shoes are things that I am obsessed about.In particular,heels.I know no heels were designed to give you comfort,but once in a while you'll find a pair of those that can give you both beauty and comfort.

When buying heels,there're many aspects I will consider about,rather than just buying them for they look tempting,or because they can simply make a girl look gorgeous by having an instant pair of long legs.
Because most of the time,pictures won't do any justice,and being a girl,we always fall so easily for such nice pictures and advertisement.

Well,in my case,a big consideration over time is all I give for when buying shoes.And a bit of money,of course.Not that I doubt shoes at less price will give me any good when wearing them,in most cases when I wore cheap heels,after a while they were torn out here and there.and of course,that amount of pain I had to go through isn't something I can stand with.

So,after many lessons learned,I now know what I want and how to accomplish a pair of heels that don't only give me beauty and an instant pair of long legs,but also comfort ;-)

Last Tuesday I purchased these red babies from Zara sale.Truth is,these shoes I had long wanted from Zara rack was reduced by RM40.Not much,but still within my budget ;-)

These shoes remind me so much of Valentino studs I always admire.Only that,I cannot afford to buy the real deals,and Zara always comes up with much or less similar designer inspired,and I was totally in love with this pair I bought recently!!

And foremost,they're comfortable too!What else do you want in a pair of heels if not beauty and at the same time comfort?

Can't wait to rock them!


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