Thursday, 24 January 2013

Salam Maulidurrasul

Salam Maulidurrasul to all and happy long weekend to Malaysian fellows!
So,what's your plan for the long weekend?I am still stuck at my rental house,tomorrow has to get back to work.Yes,I know,work,again :(

Have you ever been in a dilemma which you don't know what to wear from your wardrobe?That's what happen to me lately,which I think I have tons of clothes,but I don't know what to wear anymore.I have unofficially stopped buying clothes actually,but everytime I want to wear something,I realized nothing really interests me anymore :(

When they're many people out there left starved,and not have enough money to feed themselves and their kids,all I can think about is the stress that I do not have idea what to wear out today?I must have been the most ignorant person in the world!

Well,I hope I can really survive not buying some unnecessary items,and mix and match my current clothes a lot more.There's nothing wrong with wearing something again and again,right?

Happy holiday everyone!

Maxi dress:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Denim jacket:Mango(Last seen here)
Bag:Coach(Last seen here)

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