Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Red Babies

Feels like effort has been taken away from me.It gets me long to post something new than I ever did.Well,maybe I am hit by this syndrome called 'bored of posting same stuff again' sorta thing.
There are times when I think about varying the contents of this blog,personal matter off-limit.
Like more recipes and nice pictures of what I cook,some art in photography or stuff like that.
Well,maybe when I change to that,I might get in a higher gear to write more?Time will tell.

In the meantime,for the first time,I brought these red babies I purchased last week to see the sun ;-)
Ah,I never thought my feet would look so sexy in red heels?These are not the usual heights of heels I would wear,considering they're still low type of heels,but I so am in love about the fact that they make my legs look longer and sexier :P

Tell me guys what do you like me to write about other than outfit entries?

And as I spoke before,I planned to go to school again.The school I mentioned before is actually a German class course,enduring for 6 mnths in the heart of KL.
As many would have noticed,Ramon is a German and insisted me to learn his language because he knows I'm a smart learner for certain matter.German isn't the first foreign language I learned and will learn,in fact I had been learning Japanese since 2003 when I decided to pursue my degree in Japan university back in the period of 2005-2009.

Every language has its own difficulty,if learning Japanese would promise you with the difficulty to learn it's 3 special characters and many more,I'm sure German is no less difficult.
I'm not telling everyone will get it hard to conquer a new language,but a time or another,you might face it.
For me,German will become a crucial language to me from now on,so whether I want it or not,I have to face it seriously.

All I know is,this whole journey will be so much fun!
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