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Recipe 17:Sugar-glazed Doughnuts

Hello guys,
The first recipe of 2013 ;-)

I am normally not a fan of classic doughnuts with sugar flakes,but when it comes to sugar-glazed doughnuts,I am their number one fan ;-)

When I was in town,I always buy sugar-glazed doughnuts from KrispyKreme or J.Co or Big Apple,but never really had idea how to do it from scratch.
So this time,I put a little effort making them myself.Well,to be honest,to get good and fluffy doughnuts,it takes my whole night to do this,but trust me,you won't be frustrated with the end-result,the fluffy and soft doughnuts.

Let's start with the ingredients and the methods,both doughnut making and sugar glaze.

Ingredients for doughnuts
4 cups of flour
2 eggs
Lukewarm butter(About 2 big spoons)
1/2 cup of lukewarm milk
2 to 3 spoons of sugar
Dried yeast*
1/2 warm water*
2 tbs of sugar*

1.Dissolve the ingredients with * together and let it at room temperature for 10 minutes or so.
2.Soften the butter in a frying pan at a slow simmer but make sure not to make it too hot
3.Beat 2 eggs in a bowl and later add the lukewarm butter from step 2
4.In a bowl of flour,3 spoons of sugar a little salt mixture,add yeast mixture,egg and butter mixture,and lastly lukewarm milk.
5.Mix well every ingredient using hands until the dough does not stick to your palm anymore.If it still sticks,add flour little by little.
6.When everything is ready,let the dough covered with a damp cloth/tissue for 1 to 2 hours so that the dough size will become bigger.
7.After that,mould the doughnut by using this method.Flatten the dough using a roller with a specific height in order to get all doughnuts with same size and height.(Sorry no pictures,should have taken :P)
8.By using a cup/mug/glass,press it to the flattened dough and you will get dough in round shape.
9.Now using a an open round-shape tool like wide straw or bottle cap,press in the middle and take out the little dough away.
10.Make sure to spread flour on your plate so that your doughnut won't stick to the plate.
11.When everything is ready,make sure you prepare the sugar glaze(Recipe comes next) first then fry the doughnut because we need to dip doughnut quickly after frying in the sugar glaze.

Ingredients for sugar glaze
1/2 cup of sugar or less
1/2 of milk
Few drops of vanilla extract

1.Mix all the ingredients above in a frying pan and stir at a low simmer for a couple of minutes
2.Set aside
3.Right after frying the doughnuts,dip them in the sugar glaze and set on a plate or kitchen rack,if any.
4.Put in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving for best result!

Happy cooking!

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