Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 Wrap-up

Hello guys,
Finally I could write this a bit longer than usual.It's not that easy actually to write something this long but it's not like I'm gonna do this every often.Hope you won't mind reading as much as I don't mind writing it.

As another year passed,I was left with so many memories of it,be them good or bad,I will always take good experiences to enhance myself and make lesson of the bad ones.

I have long been blogging since 2005,which that time my blogging contents only focused on my life in Japan,my studies,places I've traveled to and not forget my personal life.After so much consideration,I shut down my old blog and started fashion blogging in 2011,only after I was highly motivated by Ramon who knows my huge interest in fashion but was too shy and lack of confidence to reveal myself to the world.

Time has passed since then,and this blog almost turned two.Though I am nothing famous,or having a lot of followers or readers,but I am happy on the other hand because from here I gain many experiences and friends,boosts my confidence and makes me aware of my self-esteem and I am not shy anymore to show myself to the world.

I can't deny that eventhough I enjoyed writing this blog very much,but there were times when I felt like shutting it down,times when I think I wanted to be a self-perfection from head to toe and times when I think I can't tolerate for not being perfect.

I know no one was born with perfection,but when you try hard to achieve that,then that's when your level of tense peaks up.At the end of the day,I realized no one can ever be perfect because we have to accept ourselves as who we were born with.

After  a while,I switched my mind to not shut this blog down,because I love it so much.One week without writing it feels like a year.

A bit on the personal side,I am happy to be born in a family who loves me and never fails to support me in whatever I do,until I feel like I want to stay single forever because I am afraid to be with another new family other than my own.In my family,I am not who you know me as.I am childish and my behavior can change from a 27 year old to 5 year old,even my parents admitted that.

But,I know they're not gonna be young forever,whether I want it or not,I have to build my own family one day,and at this number of age,most of my friends already married and own kids.

I am still striking for this one resolution to be fulfilled this year,and I can foresee,this will come my way pretty soon ;-)

And I want to do more travels as well with my future husband and good friend.I love travelling and want to explore places I've never been to,and hope this dream will come true.

I also want to cook and bake more at home,and if possible start my own small business selling pastries ;-)
Though I'm still bad at it.

Other than that,I want to reduce my shopping habit because this habit won't stop until I get determined to do it from my heart and I'm sure I can do this though I easily get attracted to the shops!Oh,God,help me on this.

And lastly(since I am getting lazier to write more already),I wanna say thank you to everyone of who has been reading my blog by actively commenting or silently though you see more craps here than interesting things,and I hope you'll come again here and I can ensure you one thing,I will write more and more things here,especially OOTD,only for you guys.

To 2013,please be good to me and I can't wait to board this whole journey with you.

Till then,


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