Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm into you...

Hello all,
Ramadhan is only 1/3 left for us,so how is your fasting so far?Mine was good and I am looking forward to another great days of fasting.

I don't know if you feel this or not,but I don't like to sit my ass down all the time when fasting.Meaning to say,I feel absolutely bored when I was at home during weekends,only sleeping,counting time until the sunset to break the fast.

During weekdays,most of the time,I don't even realize the time passing because I always do some work related.

So,yesterday,I went for some movies with my friends and we enjoyed it quite a lot!

Besides orange,turquoise is another of my favourite color.So,what is your favourite color?

Also yesterday I bought a statement bracelet I am so fond of :P


Cardigan:Thepoplook/Dress:F21/Skinny Jeans:F21/Shoes:Shoeshaven/Necklace:Bought from Forever18 in Cologne/Bag:Vintage


  1. Love your style, i like the way your hijab.. :)

  2. I mean, i like the way you wear your hijab.. :)

  3. i love both orange and turquoise color!!!! Your choice is brilliant!!!


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