Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Delivered with love

Hi all,
Last Friday,I had a parcel sent all the way from Germany,from my sweet Ramon.He sent me the items from H&M I ordered few months ago on summer end sale.

Too bad Malaysia doesn't have a store here because I am a big fan of this fast-fashion retail.News says that H&M will open its first store in Singapore in Autumn,so more visit to the south for me :P

Ramon also sent me a postcard from Venezia he visited last month and to add to my magnet collections,he bought me another one from there too.And also my favourite chocolate,Ritter Sport.

Thanks a lot.

Oh,not much to say,I have the best bf ever,because he particularly knows my interest in fashion and very helpful ;-)

Wait for my outfit look soon.



  1. watta a lovely couple u both, mashaAllah! :D

    send me the chocolate, puhhleeaseee??? lol
    enw, ur blog is under "my blogger fellas" link, dear hidaya.. :) x

    xoxo, Icha.^^

  2. Thanks a lot Icha,but sorry the chocolate's gone :P

    Too good to resist.

  3. oh if u want to have something from germany just tell me & I'll send it to u :D
    what can I say? I love ur blog :-)


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