Monday, 8 August 2011

Shopping is thrilling!

Hi all,
I don't know what got into me today,but I did a big shopping!
But it was worth penny because shopping is exactly my favourite part happening in my life every often : P

I got myself some stuff like Jeans,vest,Skinny Jeans,a piece for Eid day that will come soon and a vintage bag I bought for my sister while she is here.

Too bad today I forgot to insert the memory card into my camera and so no outfit pictures for today ;-(



  1. shopping is always fun .Good purchase .I love the vintage bag .

  2. Thanks a lot Izdiher.I wish that I could make more money than what I do today and shop everyday ;P

  3. Dayah!! It`s been a while since my visit here. You know with all the bz traveling, coming back to Japan and baby thing. I can`t believe how fashionista you are now! i like what u tried on and you look very radiant, bright and happy. I am proud of u my dear.

  4. Nad:Thanks a lot foe still dropping by.As I said to you before,I am serious with this blog,and so I am to continue with it until God-knows-when.Furthermore,Ramon has been very supportive about this project and he loves to see more as this is also a way how we get in touch with each other's daily life.


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