Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My iphone

Hi all,
So sorry for lack of updates lately.In fact,I am down with flu since Friday which also explains why no outfit pictures lately.

Just some photos of my new purchased iphone 4.I know I was just too late to have one,but lately I just feel the urge to have a new phone after my last phone got stolen,and since then,I used a very old phone I bought about 7 years ago!

Not to forget,I want to wish everyone Happy Ramadhan and enjoy this holy month.



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  2. How have you been??
    Nice to have it!! I've already got "smart phone". It's also said "smart phone" in English?? By the way, you got flu??! Are you all right?? Take care!!

  3. thanks a lot Maasa.Yes,I know smart phone !


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