Friday, 26 August 2011


Hello all,
Finally I am no longer in KL.Now am stopping by at my sister's university in UTP,Perak and will continue our drive to Penang tomorrow morning.

Today was rather a good day in term of temperature,because in most places I passed by,it rained and so it was a bit colder than any other days.A good factor to help me driving without feeling hot like usual.

But it also rained quite heavily in some places,and I was driving alone all the way from KL,so not much I can do or talk to in the car ;(

Hope tomorrow's driving will be a lot better with a good company of my other sister.

The university where my sister belongs to is very beautiful,full of green(well,to consider that this university belongs to one of the richest GLC in Malaysia :P),so I took a chance to have a nice stroll along the lake,and afterwards we headed to a cafe nearby for Iftar.

Again,I want to wish everyone "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri/Happy Eidul-Fitr" and hope each one of you will have a great time with your family and beloved ones.

Till then,



Tunic:H&M/Long Tee:F21/Skirt:H&M/Belt worn backwards:F21/Bag:Vintage/Shoes:Online

*Picture credits to my sister,Farahin*


  1. looooveeee ur shoes n bag, dearrrr! *drools* :D :D

    Happy Aidil Fitri, too, Hidaya.. forgive all my words that intentionally hurt you (perhaps?hehe)

    take care!
    love, Icha x

  2. love those shoes, ur bag & ur very good looking & siple skirt my dear! :-)
    keep doing :-))

  3. Thanks a lot girls.not so fancy or expensive shoes I bought online.But I am satisfied with the quality and the design itself is beautiful.


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