Thursday, 11 August 2011

What's in my bag?

Hi all,
Friday is coming soon and for the first time in 8 months,I'm gonna fly off tomorrow evening to my hometown in Kota Bharu to spend some quality time with my family!

In between,my family came last June,just the day before I left for Paris to visit me.
I am so excited!

This post this time isn't about my outfit,but about items I always carry around in my bag.

What items a woman carries in her bag tells a lot about her personality,hmmm,which I am not so sure about it,but in my case I am particularly a very simple person and I don't really like to bring a lot of things for I hate carrying around a lot of heavy goodies.

But,I can't live without bringing my iphone,its earphones and USB charger,my car/house keys,my wallet,and my make-up bag which contains a lot of stuff actually.In the third picture are only some of my items on my daily basis(excluded eye-liner as I am not a big fan of it)

What do you put in your bag?
Care to share?


1.My Fossil bag I am currently using 2.My make-up pouch,notebook and pen,wallet,hard-disk,muscle lotion,moisturizer Babe cream,my hand lotion which smells so good,pain-killer,iphone,earphones,USB charger and car/house keys 3. L-R : Maybelline concealer,Ellite Lip Gloss,Loreal foundation(my best friend),lip balm,my super red lipstick,Maybelline BB cream, Maybelline gel eye-liner and its brush,Za Blusher and liquid eye-liner


  1. I'm not even carrying my make-up bag!!!

  2. Haha,I always bring it around.A lit without make-up always makes me feel very uncomfortable.*My little secret*.

    But I'm also not a fan of heavy make-up,rather let my skin to look natural as it is ;-)


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