Thursday, 20 August 2015

Down the Memory Lane : Nagoya Part 1

After Tokyo,we took a platt Kodama Shinkansen to Nagoya,a city where I spent 4 years from March 2005 till March 2009 completing my bachelor's degree.For the record,we chose to take the bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoya mainly because we wanted to save time and also because we were with a baby,so apparently,a bus ride or a slower train ride other than shinkansen is not the best choice for us.

In fact,there are 3 types of Shinkansen,the fastest one which is also the most expensive one that connects Tokyo and Nagoya in merely one hour plus is called Nozomi.Second fastest is Hikari,and the slowest one we took is Kodama that brought us to Nagoya from Tokyo in about 3 hours.

Well,our visit to Nagoya was not considered as travel because to be honest,there is nothing much interesting in this city.Nagoya mainly is known as the connecting city between Tokyo and Osaka,in fact if one wants to travel to Nagoya,there are actually many more interesting places outside of it.Will tell about this in next post.

So,our trip to Nagoya is for me mainly,to reminisce my good old days living in Japan.To visit my old university,to visit my old houses,and to visit the places I went to during 4 years living in this city.It was all so nostalgic to me,and believe it or not,eventhough I have left this city for over 6 years,I still remember very clearly of all routes to all places,the buses and trains that I regularly took and the hidden gems of the city,for example,good places to eat.

However,there are still several places that visitor should not miss visit when in Nagoya.


We stayed at Sakae area during our visit to Nagoya last time.It's a strategic place because it's located in the middle of the city,making it easier to travel to any other places.And also,since Sakae is a shopping,business and entertainment district,it is also easier to access to any shop even late at night.

This is Oasis 21 and the Nagoya TV tower.Oasis 21 is Sakae landmark.

Sakae is a shopping district,be it cheap shopping or even many high-end boutiques are available here.My favourite place to shop when I was a student.

Oasis 21 at night

Nagoya Station

The hub for people coming from other places.Also,Nagoya Station is famous as a shopping and eating place.There are so so many places to shop here,the underground shopping arcade,where I always got lost everytime :P Or many department stores in the Takashimaya Tower in the station itself,or some other shopping malls outside of the station,but all can be reached by walking.

A must taken shot to indicate that one is in Nagoya,in front of the clock at Nagoya JR Takashimaya

We went to the most top level of Jr Takashimaya Tower,and from there,visitors can see the view of the train tracks of Nagoya Station

Another side of Nagoya as seen from the JR Takashimaya Tower(13th level)

Also a must shot in front of some art sculpture in front of Nagoya Station

My happy place!!This is at Stationery department of Tokyu Hands,JR Takashimaya.During my uni days,I liked to come here and spend hours just to look at all these cute stationeries :P.And I still did after over 6 years leaving this place :P Husband cannot do much seeing his wife gone gaga over these stuff :P

Tsurumai Koen/Park

Another must visit place in Nagoya.It's similar like Ueno Park in Tokyo,Tsurumai Koen/Park has a special place inside my heart.This is a serene park I used to spend time at with my friends and our must  spot for "Hanami"/Cherry-blossom viewing season because here is a magical place full of sakuras when in spring.

It was rose season the time we were there.Also during my 4 years here,there was not even one time I missed the season every year.Before the rose season,there will be the tulip season here every year as well.

The Japanese Garden

I remember the first time I came to this park in 2005 with my friends,I wanted our picture to be taken at this spot,and that time,we were still reluctant to speak japanese,but because we didn't want to miss the chance,we asked some japanese people to take our picture in the most polite form of japanese language haha :P

Till next post,people.Take care!

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