Friday, 14 August 2015

Travel : Tokyo,Japan Part 3

 My Tokyo travel posts continues :)
Actually,there are so so many places to visit in Tokyo,however we couldn't visit many of them mainly due to 1.Heat 2.Travel with an active baby requires less travel time,and more attention shall be given to her :P

One night we went to the new landmarks of Tokyo,which is also the 2nd tallest tower in the world after Burj-khalifa,the new Tokyo Skytree,but the visit to the top was close that day due to the common summer typhoon that hit Tokyo that day.Last time I was in Tokyo in 2008,the tower was not even constructed yet,and as we stayed at Asakusa area,we could see the tower clearly.

Here is the picture of the tower.

Imperial Palace

The Residence to the Emperor of Japan,surrounded by a big park outside of the palace building,although the entrance to the palace itself is very limited.

My favourite place in Tokyo,as the palace area itself is different than many places in Tokyo full with high sky buildings and the park is so serene.

The palace compound surrounded by tall buildings in the center of Tokyo

The lake at the palace garden

On the way to Imperial Palace from Tokyo Station

At the palace garden

Tokyo Eki/Station

The first time I arrived at this station back in 2006,I was surprised to see how the architecture of the station from the outside looks like.It was nothing like japanese style,instead it looks more like european style of architecture.Tokyo Station is also an important hub for people coming to and from Tokyo,it was where we took our Shinkansen(bullet train) ride from Tokyo to Nagoya.

The european-style architecture of Tokyo Station

From the old Post building next to the station,there is an open garden overlooking the train tracks of the Tokyo Station.In the picture is a Shinkansen approaching Tokyo Station

The crossings in front of Tokyo Station taken from the old Post Building


Ueno is like a not so glamorous district of Tokyo but rather a more common place for many locals and tourists for cheap shopping.It is also the home to the Tokyo big park,Ueno park which will be cherished with many cherry-blossom trees in Spring.

This is also my favourite place in Tokyo,considering that it's more of a "cheap" place for some shopping rather than lingering in the city full of high-end boutiques like in Shinjuku or Shibuya.

Not far from JR Ueno Station leading to Ueno park

At an evening market not far from the JR station just under the train track.My must visit place everytime I was in Tokyo.One can find many cheap stuff here,including Tokyo or Japan souvenirs

At an alley full with Izakaya/japanese-style bar

An example of an Izakaya.The culture of drinking after office hour or together with friends and colleagues has a  high value in japanese community

Ueno Park

One of most famous parks in the whole Japan,people talk about its beauty when the whole park is cherished with full-blooming sakura in spring.

These are all the sakura trees and just imagine how beautiful this park looks like in spring when the sakura is in full bloom

At one of the small temples we found at Ueno Park

The unique japanese style Starbucks at the park

In the next post,I will give some tips to people who wish to travel to Tokyo,about places to stay,train system here,food and etc.

Till then people.Have a nice day.

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