Monday, 31 August 2015

Down the Memory Lane : Nagoya Part 3

One of my main agendas traveling to Nagoya was to visit my old university,Nagoya University,my proud place.

I have a lot of memories with this place,a lot.All tears and happiness during 4 years I gained knowledge at this place.I came with barehand but I came back to Malaysia with endless knowledge.This place has taught me a lot,not just academically,but also to be a better human being.I cannot thank everyone who helped me to get through my college years enough because without them,I'm not sure whether I can get on the path of my life today.

Well,for Malaysian students who study in Japan,we must learn everything in Japanese,a total weird language to many of us.It was amongst the biggest challenges that we had to go through just for the sake of graduating,and all respects shall go to people I know who continues their studies from degree to master's degree,and then phD and not enough with that,some even did post doctoral in the universities all over Japan.

Well,I was so so happy to be back in my love-hate place :P

Toyoda Hall,a general hall where the graduation or the ceremony of welcoming new students take place every year.

My old department,so many memories with this place :)
Happy to bring Alayna to see the place where her mom once studied

The University coop.Managed to catch some university souvenirs here

Friends for life.The ones who helped me a lot with my studies throughout my university days.On the right is Maasa chan,also she reads my blog occasionally,and the left one is Akko chan.Love them to bits

The road most taken leading to my old apartment

My old apartment

Inside the Nagoya Subway,the most important city public transport.One tip,if visitors come to Nagoya and plan to use many times of the subway train in a day,it is recommended to buy the one day ticket that can also be used for bus ride,and the card gets cheaper on weekend.

Interesting places to visit near Nagoya

1.Shirakawa Go/Shirakawa Village
UNESCO culture heritage site,famous of its architectural style which is old,but exceptionally very strong that can withstand the heavy snow in Winter.

2.Kourankei in Aichi Kougen
Famous as one of the best spots for full red momiji/japanese maple viewing in Autumn.


3.Nagashima Spaland
Basically an amusement park for adrenaline junkies!Next to it is Nagashima Outlet and Nagashima Waterpark
White Cyclon at Nagashima Spaland,picture from my archive

4.Little World,Inuyama
One "whole" world in a place.Basically a place with various cultures from various countries and the presentation of the food ethnic of each country.Place worth a visit.

 My first visit to this place in 2005.Look at a-lot-younger-me!I was 19 this time.

 In fact,there are many other interesting places to visit outside,but also not that far from Nagoya.All places can easily be reached by train.

My Nagoya post is till here.Next will be the posts of my most favorite place in Japan.For the record,I was at this place 4 times.Can you guess where?

Till then people,have a nice day ahead :)

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