Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nature : Blautopf,Blaubeuren

I am still not in fully good condition,and Alayna also has not been feeling so well with on-off fever since few days ago.

But I decided to go out of house today for some fresh air and asked husband to bring me to this place I found out lately.This place is called Blautopf(Blue Pot)in Blaubeuren,around one hour drive from Stuttgart.

What interesting about this pond is that the water appears blue in color.It is believed to be the result of the limestones distributed underneath,thus the color.

As what my husband read on the signboard displyed nearby,the phenomenon of the blue water happens because the water comes from a cave nearby,and as the flow,the pressure and the water level is deep,all other colors are filtered out,leaving only blue.

Whatever the explanation might be,it is such a beautiful thing I've ever seen that keeps me mesmerized.

Till then people.

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