Monday, 24 August 2015

Weekend : Auto & Technik Museum,Sinsheim

This was our last weekend activity.My husband has been telling me about this one Technik Museum on the way to Frankfurt.I never had idea about this museum at all,until last week I asked husband to bring me there.

Little that I know,this museum is so amazing.It has a lot of interesting things to see and explore,especially about automotive and technical,including motorsports,aeroplanes,military tanks,locomotive and etc.

And to my surprise,this museum is so so huge that we took quite a lot of time to finish touring the whole 2 blocks of the museum.

It's my kind of museum :)

Till then,people.

American dream car.The luxurious type of car that was used by Hollywood stars like Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe

First trip from Peking/Beijing to Paris by this motocar that took 60 days

Military tanks also being displayed here,as old as from the 2nd world war.All the tanks here are already demilitarized.

 This is the concorde aircraft by Air France that operates from 1970's till 2003.After 2003 the use of this supersonic airplane was terminated due to the high maintainence,the rising of people's anxiety to fly especially after 11/9 and the air tragedy of concorde plane in France in year 2000.Do you know that concorde flew faster than the sound at more than 1000km/h?

Michael Schumacher's very own F1 car

Locomotive train head

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