Thursday, 6 August 2015

Sophia Alayna is 1 !

Taking a break from my japan trip posts.Today is a very special day for us,one year ago today I gave birth to a very special person in my life,a person who grew in my womb for 9 mnths and she's today one year old.

How time flies.My baby girl is no more a baby,she's now a toddler,although she'll remain my baby girl forever :)

As a mother,nothing I want in return from this special girl.I just want her to grow up to be a good person,smart,healthy,pious to her Creator and her parents.

"Oh Allah,

Protect this little girl in your righteous path,bless her life,and save her from any danger in this world"

We plan to make a small celebration for her tomorrow at my parents' house,but that's all depends on the water supply as we're currently running out of water supply at home :P

Till then people.

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  1. yeahh aunty first hehehe HAPPY BDAY ALAYNA the beautiful and sweeeet girl, semoga diberkati Allah selalu dan membesar menjadi seorang khalifah yg berjaya dunia dan akhiratnya amin.. hopefully aunty can meet you one day yar. tc both of u yar ;')


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