Monday, 10 August 2015

Sophia Alayna's 1st Birthday Party

Salam guys,
Finally we're back in our small crib here in Stuttgart.We left Malaysia with a lot of fond memories.
Just a day before our departure,we had a small birthday celebration for our little princess.

However the birthday princess was not in her best condition on her birthday,even until today.She was down with flu,cough,blocked nose and a little asthma known from the sound made everytime she breaths out and in.

So,not many pictures of her I can take that day considering that she needed extra care from me.The party went well nevertheless,many people came to celebrate the day of our princess,food was good,some even prepared exclusively by my mom despite the water supply out at home that day :)

It was a fun moment for everyone especially my family and I to see this little girl grows up in front of our own eyes.

Hopefully we can organize her birthday parties like this in coming years.

Till then people.

Candy booth specially decorated by my sister who also runs a small candy booth  business.

The birthday girl

All the scrumptious food served that day

The Barbie Princess cake gifted by my standard one teacher for Alayna.It was the most beautiful cake I've ever seen,the one made for my daughter :)

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