Sunday, 7 August 2011

I lay my love on you ...

Hello guys,
How is your fasting month going on so far?Mine is good.These pictures were taken on last Sunday,but only today I had a little time to update my blog.

It's always work,work and work ;-(

So,enjoy your weekdays and save the best for the weekend!

Bow top:H&M/clincher:F21/Skirt:H&M/Shoes:Vincci/Bag:Dorothy Perkins

*Picture credits to Sabrina*


  1. Salam!

    We're selling beautiful PRINTED SATIN SCARVES and PLAIN CREPE SATIN SCARVES! Jemput lawat blog kami :)

    Have a blessed Ramadhan!

  2. Mine is also good! thank u for asking :)
    I love the way u wear hijab today! and the skirt ist amazing ! :)

  3. Hi!! You look very fine!! and I'm fine too ;D
    You seem to enjoy your work. That's good for you. I love one who work hard and enjoy your life as well ;)

  4. @Fatima:Great!The skirt is just a plain cotton one I bought from H&M a while ago ;-)
    But,I really love it too.

    @Maasa:Thanks Maasa for your comment.I prefer holidays more than work,though :P
    Need more holiday!

  5. aww... love that chiffon shirt, dear hidaya!
    another HYPE for ya! <3 :)

  6. Thanks a lot Icha!You're also such a sweetdoll!

  7. I love yours outfit hidaya.. ^^

  8. >Need more holiday!
    That's right :)


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