Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Travel : Kyoto,Japan Part 1

So Kyoto is my most favourite city in Japan.Why?Because it's Japan's historical city(like historical city of Malacca in Malaysia),many old temples and city landmarks are well preserved here making it as an icon of Japan and a visit to Kyoto will call you to come back even more.For the record,I was in this city for 4 times already and never get tired of it.Coincidentally,husband also likes this city a lot after his first visit in late July.

A little fact of Kyoto

Kyoto was the old capital city of Japan before Edo period that lasted over 1000 years and is also known as the City of Ten Thousand Shrines.With its 2,000 religious places,1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines, as well as palaces, gardens and architecture intact, it is one of the best preserved cities in Japan.

Kinkakuji/The Golden Pavillion

One of the most popular UNESCO world heritage sites in Japan,Kinkakuji is a Zen Buddhist Temple that includes the golden pavillion and the classical designated garden complex.I was already at this place 3 times,but to be honest I never had a tour inside the very pavillion,because I was not sure whether the temple can be visited or not,though I doubt so :P
The Golden Pavillion

The garden from the entrance of the pavillion till the exit.Such a serene garden complex

Ginkakuji/The Silver Pavillion

Last visit to Kyoto I spent my first time at this temple complex.Can't beleive that I'm so much in love in Kyoto,but never bothered to come here,mainly because I thought that Kinkakuji is much more interesting because it is "King"/Gold.But to be honest,my first visit to Ginkakuji,and I was already in love with it.

Ginkakuji is also a zen temple,despite its name,it was not built of any silver at all.It also has a very serene classical japanese garden complex,and another interesting thing about this temple complex is that,it has the striped sand art called "Ginshadan".

The Ginshadan at the Zen garden of Ginkakuji

On the left of the picture is the Silver Pavillion

The Zen Garden


Also listed as one of the famous and most visited temsple in Japan.It is also another UNESCO world heritage site in Kyoto.Although the hilly way leading to the temple didn't stop us from visiting this beautiful place.It is an example of a great Buddist temple,aging as old as since 1600s.

 Along the way to the temple are the souvenir shops on right and left

 Other temples in the same complex,although names I am not so sure of :P

 The wooden wish boards.Visitors can buy the boards and write down their wishes and hang them here


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