Friday, 2 October 2015

Event : Volksfest in Stuttgart

It's that event of the year again.The Volksfest/Folk festival takes place again in Stuttgart.Other than the worldwide famous Oktoberfest that takes place in Munich these days,the folk festival here is also famous as it is the second largest Oktoberfest in Europe.

As for us,this is a chance to go visit the funfair and it's the time that more common than usual to see people dressed up in their traditional german wear.

We also decided to dress Alayna in her first Dirndl,the south german gown for women although even the smallest in size Dirndl we bought for her is a tad bit too big :P

It was a fun moment for our small family.

On another note,I'll turn 30 tomorrow.Wah,like finally,I'll be entering my 30s!Bring it on 30s!
It has become tradition that every birthday in this house must be celebrated outside of Stuttgart haha :P

So,where will we be heading to tomorrow?

It's Barcelona!

Till then people.

The giant puppet in "Lederhose"/traditional south german wear for men,this is to represent one of the Brauhaus/Beer House brands at this festival

Time for a family selfie

Haunted mansion is a must at every funfair

My german-malay girl in her first Dirndl

Schokobanane/Banana coated in dark choc,my favourite

The evening skies

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