Thursday, 1 October 2015

Recipe : Homemade Cooking by Me!

Since I have started blogging in 2011,the direction of this blog has changed few times.From focusing solely on fashion to mixed-up themes including my recipes to story about my life after marriage to life after having kid,and lately travel has somehow became the main ingredient of this blog.

But I also have another interest actually.I love cooking.Since becoming a homemaker since 2 years ago,I have devoted myself to homemade cooking a lot than I did before I was married.

I am happy that I have time to cook for my family because I believe that homemade cooking is the best!

So,from now on,once a week,I will post pictures of the food I cook for a week,and I will also share some of the recipes here.

So,here goes some of my cooking for this week.

I cooked Asam Pedas Salmon for the second time in my life.But,on the next day,I pan seared the Salmon and a little bit of asam pedas gravy until the belacan smell tang hit my nose :P
It's almost similar like portuguese grill,only the salmon was seared on the pan for about 10 minutes on medium simmer.

Amd Sambal Belacan is a must for me.This is not really the real sambal belacan,this is kelantanese version of sambal belacan(In fact the recipe doesn't use belacan but I used a lil bit)

Here goes the recipe : Red hot chillies,green hot chillies,vinegar,sugar,salt,and a pinch of belacan.Blend all well using blender and keep refrigerated for better kick!

Baked Smoked Salmon and Broccoli macaroni.Before this, I always cooked pasta using the salmon fillet,one time i tried creamy pasta with smoked salmon and I dare to say that pasta with smoked salmon tastes better!

This has always been our family's favourite,Butter Chicken Masala.Had it the first time at an Indian Restaurant in Berlin 2 years ago,since then I always cooked it myself at home.Can simply be eaten with basmathi rice or naan

My version of Butter Chicken Masala

Chicken breast cut into small pieces.Marinate it with garlic(crushed),ginger(crushed),garam masala,cumin(jintan putih),Corriander powder(serbuk ketumbar),chilli powder and plain yogurt or greek yogurt for better taste for few hours.

In a pan,heat the butter and once it melts,add diced red onion,saute for a few minutes and later add in the marinated chicken.Cook for a while until the chicken juice comes out and the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Add in tomato paste,and whipping cream/cooking cream and cook on low simmer for a while before serving.Don't forget to season with salt and pepper before turn off the heat.

Pandan Churros!
Tried it the first time but to be honest I was not so satisfied.First I don't have a bigger-sized nozzle,so the churros are quite thin in size.Second,I don't know what gives,but the pandan flavor is not so strong and almost no pandan taste detected.Maybe I should increase the pandan paste next time.

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