Monday, 19 October 2015

Travel : Barcelona Day 2 (Part 2)

The continuing story of 2nd of the 2nd day in Barcelona.So,after spent some time at the harbour,we walked some more towards one of the most famous beaches in Barcelona called Barceloneta.All along the way heading to the beach we stumbled upon immigrants selling stuff and I was attracted to see how they do their business,and what method they use to elope when the police or the city council come and chase them away in order that their selling stuff will still be in good confition afterwards.

Well,I don't know why,but seeing these people who work hard day and night just to get some pocket money makes me realize how easy my life is,anything that I wanted my husband or my family will get them for me easily.

Sometimes I never think of unlucky people in this world.Many of them don't wish for the life they are living,but because they were born with it and they don't have opportunity to have a good education because of poverty that makes them work hard day and night,leaving their countries to be in a better place  :(

At a funfair nearby Barceloneta Beach

Some beach bar I am interested in its wall design to attract customers

Barceloneta Beach

From Barceloneta beach,we walked some more towards Parc de Ciutadella,as from what I read this is another recommended park to be visited.
We spent some time here before decided to have a late lunch at a local restaurant not far from the park.Another thing I like about Barcelona is the seafood selections in their menus at the restaurants or cafes.And the fact that Barcelona is close to the sea makes the seafood here tastes really fresh,unlike in many places in Germany.

Oh,my,as I'm writing this now I can still remember how the seafood I ordered tasted like.

Parc de la Ciutadella

I ordered fried calamari and the giant-sized mussels.I don't know how did they cook the mussels,but I noticed they were the mix of mussel and crab stick,and on top is coated with bread crumb.It was so good I had to take it back home :P

After filling our tummies,we walked some more to Arch de Triomf,Spanish version of statue of commemoration.It was a lovely evening with lovely weather.We watched kids trying to catch some giant bubbles and Alayna was all excited too,but still too small to chase them as well :)

Arch de Triomf

After that,we walked towards the El Born neighbourhood and Gothic Quarter(Town) which has several famous tourist attractions.

Church Santa Maria Del Pi

From inside the church

Got back to the hotel by metro and at night we went to search for some food again in direction of Sagrada Familia.End of our second day in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia entrance at night

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