Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Travel : Barcelona Day 1

We're just got back from our awesome trip to Barcelona!It was a splendid trip I must say.I always dreamed to visit Barcelona since I was in Japan because I heard that this city is famous of its unique architecture by its genius architect,Antoni Gaudi.

Thanks million times to my husband for making my dream came true :)

So,I just can't wait to share with you guys my story to Barcelona,eventhough  I was quite busy running the chores today after our trip,but now I have time to relax and blog :)

So,upon arriving in the city center,we were greeted by these buildings and my jaw literally dropped.These 2 building by Gaudi are much more beautiful in live,the second building from right is called Casa Batllo and now serves as a Gaudi exhibition museum but the entrance is quite expensive for a small place like that,so we cancelled our mind to enter it :(

2 buildings with unique architecture by Gaudi at the shopping street of Passeig de Gracia

After checked-in and some rest we headed to the highlight of the city,the magnum opus of Gaudi,the Sagrada Familia which is around 10 minutes walk from our hotel.

A little fact of Sagrada Familia
Designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi (1852–1926). Although incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Construction of Sagrada Família had commenced in 1882 and Gaudí became involved in 1883,taking over the project and transforming it with his architectural and engineering style, combining Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau forms. 
Sagrada Família's construction progressed slowly, as it relied on private donations and was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War, only to resume intermittent progress in the 1950s. Construction passed the midpoint in 2010 with some of the project's greatest challenges remaining and an anticipated completion date of 2026, the centenary of Gaudí's death.

Sagrada Familia from outside

From the back entrance

The main entrance and also the first part that was constructed

After a brief moment of astonishment(hahaha) of Sagrada familia we walked up to the Hospital de Sant Pau at the end of the road where Sagrada Familia is.This is another beautiful catalan style architecture in Barcelona.Personally I think I am in love with Barcelona because of the unique architecture found here.It is very distinctive than any other buildings found in other places.

Apartments in Barcelona

The Entrance of Hospital de Sant Pau

Inside the Pavillion/entrance Hall of the hospital.Never saw any beautiful hospital like this one.Btw,this hospital has been converted into museum since 2009

From the Pavillion of the hospital overlooking Sagrada Familia at the other end of the road

The Hospital complex

And then we stopped for a late lunch.It was also my birthday on our first day in Barcelona,so all I asked for my birthday from my husband is a plate of Paella(read:Paeyya),a spanish type of pan-cooked rice with various type of toppings such as mixed seafood and chicken,seafood only or even vegetarian paella cooked with saffron and olive oil making it so fragrant.Had it the first time long time ago in Japan and I was hooked since then.Well,coming to Barcelona wouldn't be complete without eating Paella,I'd say :P

Seafood Paella all to myself as husband doesn't eat seafood at all

After eating,we took the metro heading to Placa de Catalunya,at the end of the shopping road.Had a moment there while watching Alayna trying to catch the pigeons and she had the best time all to herself and later we walked towards the other end of the shopping road before we stumbled upon another Gaudi's creation called Casa Milla/La Pedrera,also another UNESCO World heritage site by him(he made 7 of his creations into World heritage sites),then back to the hotel and called it a day.

At Placa de Catalunya

Another Gaudi's creation,turned into a shop at the high-ends shopping road
Casa Mila,checked the entrance fee,also we cancelled our mind because it was a bit pricey :P

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