Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Recipe : Home Cooked Meals by Me

Since the weather gets colder these days,I have started to eat a lot more than usual especially comfort warm food,but I was also not so eager to prepare the food since it is quite cold inside the house,so being in the kitchen for some time seems like a torture to me :P

Here are some home cooked compilations by me last week since coming back from Barcelona.

Mee Hailam

I found a gem in a japanese store in Frankfurt Suburb a few weeks ago which is mee kuning!
I bought 3 packets and used one to make mee hailam,my old favourite mee with gravy during my university days.

My mee hailam version

Saute red onion,garlic and ginger(all blended well using blender) until fragrant.Add chicken and cook for a while until it is cooked thouroughly.Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of blended dried chilli paste(I boiled the dried chilli before blend it)and cook well.Add kicap manis,ketchup,chilli sauce,a bit of oyster sauce,chicken cube and some water and cook for a while.Add the veggies(I used cabbage,and carrot) and pop 2 eggs inside the gravy and let them cook for a while.Season with salt and a bit of black pepper.Lastly add the mee kuning and voila!

Homemade pizza

Our family's favourite because it's easy to prepare.Oh,for the pizza dough,we used the store-bought only :P.Well I do make the dough from scratch sometimes,and will share the recipe once I make it in the future.

I always like Pineapple in my pizza,and I used canned pineapple because of its sweetness goes perfectly with tomato paste for the base of the pizza and the melted mozarella cheese.I prefer to use mozzarella for our pizza because it is stretchable once it melted.

Nasi kerabu perantau

My all-time favourite,and I'm sure favourite of many people in Malaysia too,a missed menu for many malaysians overseas.

Fret not,this is actually can be prepared at home in a convenient and easier way.

For the sambal kelapa
I used canned tuna in sunflower oil(omit the oil),dessicated coconut from the asian shop(fry without oil until it turns brownish),chopped lemongrass and chopped onion.Add all ingredients in a bowl(better to use spoon instead of mixing using hand),season with salt and don't forget sugar.

 For the Sambal Tumis
Blend red onion,garlic and ginger.Saute in a pan for a while.Add 4-5 tablespoons of blended dried chilli paste and cook for a while until "pecah minyak".Add Turmeric powder a lil bit to give the yellowish color.Add coconut milk and keep stirring until the oil comes on top.This will take a while until the sambal tumis really looks good and appealing,but make sure to always stir and always cook on medium heat only.Add lemongrass and a few of asam gelugur,season with salt and sugar.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Also another family's favorite that I must cook at least once per month.

My version of Spaghetti Bolognese

Roast the minced meat in a pan,and add in diced red onion.Keep roasting until the minced meat turns brownish.Add chopped tomato and some thick tomato paste.Keep stirring,at this point I sometimes also add some boiled water from the spaghetti pot I cook.Pour a bottle of pasta sauce(store bought),add oregano plus salt and black pepper.Adjust taste if  necessary.

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