Monday, 12 October 2015

Colors of Autumn 3

How did your weekend treat you guys?We had a very exciting weekend.On Saturday we were on the mission to find a castle haha.This will be told in next post.

Today we decided to check this one place out nearby our place.This is the same place we came every year for cherry blossoms viewing.

Little that we knew,this place is also darn beautiful in autumn,or shall I say more beautiful than in spring,I'm in love!

I guess we shared the same opinion with an american guy we bumped into today saying that he was also in love with this place and even brought his camera just for the sake of taking pictures!And guess what,we were chosen to be the models in his pictures :)

Well,autumn,like spring,only comes fast and will also leave us so fast.So,we didn't want to take this beautiful season for granted,although it was quite chilly today we decided to come out and play.

Let me know your weekend stories,guys.

Till then.

Caught red-handed pooping :P

The hue of colors all in one

She imitated me dancing!

One happy girl,I'm lucky to be her mommy :)

Comparison of this place in spring and autumn

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  1. Ya Allah cantiknya! Wanna go there toooooooooo <3 Inshaallah :)


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