Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Weekend : Neuschwanstein in Autumn

Last Saturday we decided to hit the road again heading to the fairy-tale castle.Why I name it fairy-tale castle?Because it was a foggy day when were there and we could only have a peep of the castle behind the fog,making it look so fairy :)

Second this is the castle that inspired the Disney castle.This is the fairy Neuschwanstein,a very famous tourism destination located in the south of Germany in the region of Schwangau,Bayern/Bavaria.

It was my third time there and the first for our beloved daughter.Although the weather was not the best that day,but we were so satisfied that we arrived here in the colorful autumn.We decided to hike up the mountain going up the castle than taking the bus this time because we wanted to the enjoy the colors of autumn along the way.It was a good decision as many leaves were in various color hues.We were so excited and took a lot of photos.

Here are some of the pictures we took that day.Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do.

Thanks and have a nice week!

The lake at the foothills

There is the Neuschwanstein

The castle behind the fog,beautiful no?

On the way back we stopped at a river on the boarder of Austria-Germany called Lech

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