Saturday, 17 October 2015

Travel : Barcelona Day 2 (Part 1)

So sorry for my long overdue of Barcelona update.Thing is,it's getting colder these days,so makes me feel a bit lazy to update,and also because we have been visited some places with colored leaves as the autumn won't stay long anymore,in fact it gets as cold as in winter already these days :(

So here goes my synopsis of my second day in Barcelona part 1,because apparently we spent a lot of time visiting many nice places on second day(and we walked a lot too,it was around 18kms according to my phone),so we took like a gazillionth pictures that day :P

So,the first place we went on second day is the famous local shopping road called La Rambla.Here you can find many types of restaurants,cafes,souvenir shops,and just name everything you want to see.It is a long road and on the right and left side of the road are the home to many old nice buildings,which some are famous among visitors and receive many visitors each day.

The long street of La Rambla,starting from Placa de Catalunya heading towards the harbour

Stumbled upon this erotic museum with a replicate of Marylin Monroe looking out the window.It is a real person playing her :P
 This place is just opposite to La boqueria,a famous cheap food market.We stopped there but it was closed on Sunday,so we came again on Monday.

The bike tour group at a beautiful Spanish styled square called Placa Reial,home to some restaurants and cafes

The garden of the ministry of ....( I don't quite remember anymore :P)

As we walked some more in small pedestrian walkways just next to the main road of La Rambla,we came across many small churches,old buildings that nowadays house several museums

Catedral de Barcelona

In front of the cathedral we came across a group of people dancing in slow motion.Only to find out some time later that every Sunday at 12 noon,there are people dancing this typical catalan dance called Sardana

Almost at the end of La Rambla street,a street artist dressing up to be a statue of Galileo Galilei

After leaving La Rambla,we arrive at a monument before heading to the Barcelona harbour.

In front of the harbour

Till next post people.Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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