Sunday, 20 September 2015

Season : Colors of Autumn 2015

It was really an unexpected weekend here.Yesterday as we left home for Frankfurt IAA(International Automotive Exhibition)the sky was clear blue with a hint of grey sky but nothing so bad until we arrived in Frankfurt the weather was totally gloomy.What made it more worse is the fact that we were trapped in the traffic jam for nearly 2 hours before we could arrive at the exhibition center.

And then upon arrival,we had to walk nearly 40 minutes to the exhibition center because we didn't want to waste time waiting for the bus.

It was very very crowded as it was the first day of the opening,so for that matter we were quite turned off with the crowd,what more we brought Alayna's bulky stroller which was not easy to push it around in the ocean of humans,and then we couldn't make it to some car manufacturer exhibitions like Mercedes Benz and Audi because apparently,these are amongst the most famous and most visited car brands.So there were many people there,even had to queue long to enter the exhibition room,so we surrended beforehand :(

We were not so satisfied actually,but hopefully we learn few lessons from this visit this time,and hope for better visit in 2 years time.To go there again in this short time,the answer is no :P

In fact there are not many pictures I took from yesterday as my mood was quite turned off by so many people :(

Today also,we planned to go to the annually Pumpkin exhibition in a garden of an old castle not far from Stuttgart.When we left the house,the weather was not so bad,but only on the way to the place and nearing the castle,the clouds turned dark and the chance of raining was high.

We cancelled our plan and decided to see some colors of autumn at a castle nearby our house.It is just the beginning of autumn season,but many leaves change colors already,it's so beautiful.

Till then people.Have a nice week ahead.

Selfie with my helmet girl

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