Friday, 18 September 2015

Travel : Colmar,Alsace,France

Last weekend we went to a French city not far from Germany-France border called Colmar.We have been in this city in winter 2013 when I just got to know that I was pregnant with Alayna and still wanted to keep it secret from family that time.

Now we visited this city again,this time with our daughter.This city is not so big,so one can access to any part of the city just by walking.

This is a lovely city with many old buildings in typical german architecture.In fact this city once belonged to Germany long time ago before the Treaty of Versailles was agreed after the 1st world war that Germany had to let go the region of Alsace(The region where this city belongs to) and some other regions to France.

Today,this city is quite famous among tourists.

Till then people.Have a nice weekend!

When we were passing by this souvenir shop,Alayna kept begging us to have this doll "Nak,nak,nak" she said.We ignored her request and kept walking but she turned her head to look at these dolls.I just couldn't leave the place without buying it when seeing she was hardly eyeing on them :P

A church in the city center

Just a local pizza shop,but the deco is so interesting.

Little Venice in Colmar

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