Sunday, 27 September 2015

Weekend : Pumpkin Exhibition at Schloss Ludwigsburg 2015

The season of pumpkin is back.Around 20 minutes away from Stuttgart,there is a small city called Ludwigsburg and this city is famous of its baroque castle called Schloss Ludwigsburg.Every year in Autumn there is a pumpkin exhibition held in the garden of the castle and the arts they do with the pumpkins are interesting,hence why we came here every year.

There are also just many many types of pumpkins that I believe we don't see commonly sold in the supermarket are also being exhibited here.

We waited for a bright sunny day to walk in the park and there comes today.

On another note,I am so eager to see with my own eyes the phenomenon of the super blood moon on Monday morning(tomorrow at 4 am German time).It's the super rare time that the distance of the moon to the earth is at its closest till next time in 500 years as predicted.

My husband and I plan to wake up at 4(Let's see whether we can really wake up at this wee hour :P) and check for the moon.Well,let's also hope that it doesn't rain and not cloudy on that day.

Till then people,have a nice week ahead !

Schloss Ludwigsburg

Aladdin and the flying mat

Small Pumpkin Museum

From the most common to the rarest types of pumpkin

In front of the castle

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