Thursday, 3 September 2015

Travel : Kyoto,Japan Part 2

We spent 2 days in total last time in Kyoto.To be honest,2 days isn't enough to explore the city and its attractions.However,we were quite pleased as we managed to visit many places despite the heat and traveling with baby is also not an easy thing.

I was also so pleased that husband enjoyed his time in Kyoto.Other than being first timer to Ginkakuji,I was also the first timer to this famous Fushimi Inari Shrine.Although I was in Kyoto few times before last visit last July,I didn't manage to visit this beautiful red shrines and its famous red gates,don't know what gives,perhaps because lack of time and info on the public transport going there.

However,we went there last time and it was such a beautiful place,reminds me of one scenes of one of my faovurite movies "Memoirs of a Geisha(2005)" where the little girl running through the red gates out.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

The thousands of red gates leading to the mountain,but we walked halfway through only because it got darker the time when we arrived there.

The milk-fed machine :P

Kyoto Station

The hub for people to/from Kyoto/other places.We also took the one-day bus trip and JR train going places here.In front of the station is also the Kyoto Tower,the tallest building/tower allowed to be built in Kyoto.Do you know that in Kyoto,there should be no other taller buildings than the tower because apparently Kyoto is a preserved historical city,so tall buildings are not allowed here in order to emphasize the historical buildings ,temples and etc so that the highlights of the city will be on the historical buildings,rather than on the tall buildings,unlike Tokyo or its neighbouring city,Osaka.

For the record,we stayed at Keihan Kyoto Hotel,just at the back of Kyoto Station,less than 5 minutes walk to the platform.It is very recommended because it's close to the station,the room size is big enough for the 3 of us,and affordable too.

Husband in front of Kyoto Station

Kyoto Tower.There is prayer room available inside the tower for the convinience of muslim visitors.

Inside the bus going places using the one-day ticket.The ticket can be purchased at the tourist information center outside of Kyoto Station for 500 yen only.Then the visitors can take any bus to any destination just buy scanning the card at the machine next to the bus driver

Had scrumptious Tendon(Tempura set rice) at Kyoto Station.The waiter asked me whether I want "Sake" to be poured on top of the rice since he saw wearing scarf and assumed I am a muslim,so I politely said "I don't want sake".See,if you want to enjoy japanese food but doubt what the ingredients inside are,you can always ask to the waiter/waitress.

Kawaramachi/Sanjo Shopping Arcade

My happy place during university days because I get to shop here!!And this place is so happening too at night,and many places to eat.If you want to find Kyoto Souvenirs,I would recommend this place.There is this one small souvenir shop at Sanjo,the owner treated the Malaysian students and visitors very nicely,and whoever comes and buys at her place will get discount on the purchased stuff.Last time I went to her shop,but to find out(or I assume so) that the owner is now changed and I didn't get to meet that nice auntie again.No luck I guess :P

We walked along Kawaramachi street,stopped at Sanjo Shopping Arcade,bought some snacks and souvenirs before we walked some more to Gion district.This will be storied in next post.

At a small temple at Sanjo Shopping Arcade

Kyoto Postcards/cards

Sanjo Shopping Arcade

Till then people.Tomorrow we will be on the road again going to Praha/Prague,Czech Republic for the weekend getaway!!

Wish us luck!

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