Monday, 28 September 2015

Super Full Blood Moon Phenomenon 2015

So,we were able to wake up at the wee hour of 4 in the morning today to witness the Total Lunar eclipse when the moon was at its nearest to the earth.We had to wait for around an hour until the moon turned to full red black in color,but it was all worth it as we got to capture many pictures.

The weather was also perfect,Alayna also cooperated well to not wake up the time when we were outside of the house :)

The next total lunar eclipse is predicted to be in 2033,but the closest moon to the earth is only predicted to be 500 years from now on.

This was taken at circa 4 am

The Super full blood moon at circa 4:47 am

Disclaimer:The pictures here might not be the best,but these were all taken by my husband with his own gadgets and least edited.To whom interested to save or copy the pictures,we would appreciate if you can ask for my permission first :)

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