Monday, 14 September 2015

Travel : Prague Part 2

Still the post about our trip to Prague last last weekend.That Saturday morning we went to the hilly area of Prague across the river.But we took the metro and walked up hill to Prague Castle and its area.
Despite its name,Prague Castle these days serves as a museum and the nearby area also is the home to many museums and national gallery,and also a good place to view Prague city from up there.

Prague Castle

At the castle square

At National Gallery

Artists selling their paintings of Prague,quite cheap actually.Generally Prague is a cheap city to travel to.

Entrance of Prague Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral's door

St. Vitus Cathedral,one of the oldest and most famous churches in 
Prague,near Prague castle

The view of Prague city from the castle area

Enjoying the view of Prague city from Prague Castle area

Lesser Quarter/Town

Lesser Quarter is an old district near the castle.From up the hill,the visitors can walk down towards the Charles Bridge while enjoying the old buildings scattered all over places here in this little town.The souvenir shops and cafes are also available everywhere.Such a beautiful place to walk around.

Walking down the hill towards the Charles Bridge in Lesser Quarter area.Oh,we brought Alayna's stroller down the 200 ++ stairs here,it was crazy exhausting :P

Lesser Quarter/Town

Many old buildings with different architectures and designs here made me mesmerized.

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