Friday, 11 September 2015

Travel : Praha/Prague,Czech Republic Part 1

So last weekend we made a last minute plan a few days prior to the departure day to the capital city of Czech republic,Praha(The original name)/Prague.It was our first time and second Eastern European country I've been to after Hungary.

Eventhough Czech Republic is a neigbour country of Germany,but neither me nor husband know anything about this country.My husband was also had no idea what is special about this country,or to be precise about Prague since he was never interested in coming here till I asked him to after seeing many scenic pictures of Prague city.

So,we drove there that took us merely 5 hours(including jam because it was Friday evening) and we parked our car a bit outside of the city center and took train going to the hotel.This is specially for safety reason.

Prague is generally a safe city to travel to,so safety should not really be an issue here.What I love about this city is that,there are just too many attractions to visit,many old preserved buildings with different types of architecture,and also this city has a very panoramic view.

Being in Prague somehow reminds me of being in Florence Italy.The small alleys with many Italian restaurants and the leather shops,and also many gelato shops.Finding food is not an issue as well here compared to when we were in Budapest few mnths ago,because there are a few number of halal restaurants and also Italian restaurants are everywhere.

Old Town

The center of the city with many shops,museum,churches,clock tower and the old town square.We were pretty much mesmerized being in the old town because of its old buildings in many kinds of designs and colors.

Being in the old town reminds me of being in Florence,Italy.

Near the Astronomical Clock Tower ,one of the very few astronomical clocks in the world that still works fine till today.

Astronomical Clock Tower

Us in front of the clock tower

 Old Town Square

The Square

Charles Bridge

A historical bridge and also the highlight of the city.

Charles Bridge as the background

On Charles Bridge

The Observation Tower in front of Charles Bridge

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