Thursday, 10 September 2015

Travel : Osaka,Japan

Osaka was our last destination of our Japan trip.We started in Tokyo and decided to fly back to Malaysia from Kansai Airport in Osaka.I'm not so sure about the total flight tickets damages,but I assume that there is not much different than flying to and back from the same airport and taking the train twice,or flying to different airport,and flying back from different airport but only taking one time train.Besides,this way we can save time and energy.

However,we were so done with Japan by the time we arrived in Osaka.It was mainly because of the heat.Osaka is the 2nd biggest metropolitan city in Japan,so apparently,it has many interesting places to explore and see.I was still eager as I was not so familiar with this city eventhough I have been here several times before.

When I studied in Japan,I came to Osaka only for 3 reasons.One time I came here because I wanted to go to USJ(Universal Studio Japan).Second reason coming here was because I had several job interviews that time that required me to travel from Nagoya to Osaka and third,Osaka was the arrival and departure city when I first arrived in Japan back in 2005 and when I departed back to Malaysia for good in 2009.

This time though,we still didn't do much here.However,we met my long-lost friend I got to know when I was studying in Nagoya,Kak Ros,a famous food blogger of jintanmanis and her two daughters Damia,who was born in Nagoya the time when we were all still there,and the latest and the youngest one,Maryam,who is 4 months younger than Alayna.

We really had a fun time together that day in Osaka.Kak Ros brought us to the famous Namba and Dotonbori area,a famous shopping arcade in Osaka.It was definitely my first time here and the place itself is freaking freaking huge that we took few hours to walk passing each shop :P

We also bought some Osaka souvenirs here.

Namba/Dotonbori Area

Met Kak Ros and her kid,Damia

This place is like the trademark of Osaka,the Glico Man

Pretty manhole cover in Osaka

Dotonbori Area

This is also another trademark in Osaka,the big Crab on top of the famous crab restaurant in Namba area

Shopping Arcade street

Yukata Wearing at Osaka Tourist information Center,Namba

This was not initially planned,but Kak Ros invited us to try on Yukata,another traditional Japanese costume normally worn in Summer to celebrate the festival season each year.People normally get it wrong with Kimono.Kimono is a thick,made of high quality fabric,very neatly and perfectly made because it is occassionally worn(modern days)only for formal occasions.

My husband and daughter "were" also forced to wear these traditional Japanese costumes,and to my surprise,my husband liked this idea a lot.

It wasn't the first time for me,I even have Yukata back home that I bought one time in Kyoto,but since I came back to Malaysia I had no reason to wear it :P

Such a picture to keep

Umeda Sky Building

This is a good place to look over the metropolitan city of Osaka at any time of the day.We chose to go up the building at night as we wanted to see the scenery of Osaka at night.It's not only about the high building and the scenery from up there,but the history about the building itself.It consists of 40 storey towers that are connected through a bridge in the middle,and a very high escalators going up and down the open sky garden where the visitors are allowed to enjoy the panoramic view of Osaka.Whoever is afraid of speed on high level,this place is not so recommended as there is only one way going up to the open sky garden. By ESCALATOR :P

Kansai International Airport

This is the airport where I first landed in March 2005 and was also the airport I departed back to Malaysia in March 2009.It was a happening airport I would say,with very efficient facilities,many shops to shop from when killing time,and the latest,there are 3 Malaysian authority halal certified Japanese restaurants available here.As I wanted to eat soba so badly before we departed back to Malaysia that night,we went to one of the halal restaurants which is famous for serving soba.

The land of the flavored Kit Kat

The Soba set I ate that night.I'm such a big fan of Japanese food,give me Japanese food anytime anywhere,I can eat it all clean :P

With this Osaka travel post,comes the end of my Japan travel diaries.I hope you guys enjoy every story I post here,and for those who are planning to visit Japan as first timers,I hope my entries will help you guys a bit.
Till then,next post will be about my trip last weekend to Praha/Prague,Czech Republic.Bye :)

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