Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Travel : Prague Last Part

This is the last part of Prague travel.I was so in love with this city.Not only the fact that it has many interesting things to see and relatively cheap,but also I saw there are many British chain shops here like Mark and Spencer,Debenhams and some other popular shops.You know,I like a place where there are many US or UK based shops or where people speak english generously haha.

We even stumbled upon drive-thru Starbucks at the exit of the highway.Isn't this city cooler than many other European cities?

Well,one of the highlights of the city is old building with nice designs.There are several buildings that we stumbled upon in Prague.

Around Town

Jerusalem Synagogue,a colorful synagogue near the main station in Prague

The Dancing house near the river

Old tram still works fine in the city center

Municipal House that today serves as event hall such as concerts

Powder Tower.Wonder why such name?Because in old time,this tower was used to store the gun powder,thus the name

Havelske Trziste/Havel's Souvenir Market

A good place to treasure cheap souvenirs.Not sure whether one can bargain with the sellers,but there are just so many souvenir types sold here.I was interested with the enamelware they sold here.

Fresh fruits sold here

My eyes laid on these enamelware last time!

Wenceslas Square

The important square in the new town where business takes place.The home to urban shopping and in front of the national museum is the square where the demonstrations or any celebrations take place.

A cafe made of old tram at the square

Wenceslas Square

The Building at the back is the national museum

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