Monday, 7 September 2015

Travel : Kyoto,Japan Last Part

It's the last part of Kyoto travel.This post is about Arashiyama and Gion districts.
Arashiyama is a bit far from Kyoto center.There are several options of accessing there from Kyoto Station,one is by bus,also accessible using the one day bus ticket,and the other option is by JR train bound for Arashiyama Station.I normally took the bus,bus this time we decided to take the train as it is faster and we planned to save time because after Arashiyama we were on the plan to go to Osaka,our last destination.

Arashiyama is quite a big place to explore,and it offers many attractions.For nature lovers,they can hike the hill and top off the scenery from up there.This time though we didn't hike up because it was too hot,and our time was limited.

We were pretty much satisfied by just walking crossing the famous bridge across the river back and forth and went to other parts of Arashiyama.

Later we went to Tenryuuji Temple,a UNESCO World Heritage site.I suggested to husband to go inside the temple,but since baby strollers are restricted inside the temple,we stick to only visit the temple garden.

From this temple compound it leads to the famous Arashiyama Bamboo groove,which is quite famous amongst visitors coming to Kyoto.

Arashiyama District

Crossing Togetsukyo Bridge in Arashiyama

The small buddha statues near the Tenryuuji Temple

Tenryuuji Temple from outside,next to the temple garden
The temple garden

Tenryuuji Temple

 Sagano Arashiyama Bamboo Groove

At Arashiyama Station

Gion District

This is a famous Geisha district,although the number of them has actually decreased since over a decade ago.Walking down the road in this area somehow feels like taking the visitors back to the old era of Japan.In fact,there are still many traditional Ochaya/japanese tea houses in their original architecture.

If you're lucky,you might stumble into the worldwide famous Geisha/The Japanese woman artisan whose skills including traditional japanese dancing and the japanese traditional instrument playing.I wanted to show to husband last time we were in this area,and purposefully brought him there during the sunset because normally they come out on the road after performing late in the evening.Unfortunately,we bumped into only one :(

Walking down the road leading to Gion district

At the bank of Kamo River

At the small alley full with Ochaya/Japanese tea Houses

The famous Yasaka Shrine in Gion

Hanamikoji Street,a street famous for Business entertainment including a few number of Ochaya shops.

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